Scarloc the Scout

Scarloc is the main defender of the southwest of Athel Loren. He is a Highborn.


scarloc is a highborn with scout kindred

Scarloc the Scout, of Harberdier halls, is the main defender of Southwest Athel Loren.He once slew Morghur, master of skulls, and his most hated enemy.His two hench-elves are Staris the Wild of the Amberdragon cult and Horum, noble of the family Oakenbow. He has not yet made an appearance in battle. “Athel Loren shall not suffer the presence of Men, nor Orcs, nor Dwarfs, nor Beastmen. If a foe takes a single step upon such sacred soil, they shall not take another.” -Scarloc

Scarloc the Scout

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