Gorak the Bloody

The henchman of Maugrim the Mistborn, Gorak the Bloody is the assistant battle commander of the Assault on Athel Loren.


Is usually found in battle wearing heavy armor, carrying a shield and sporting two deadly hand weapons.


Gorak the Bloody is a great beastlord, and supposedly the co-battle-commander of Maugrim the Mistborn, but that’s not fooling anybody. Maugrim is the real leader in that duo. Nevertheless, Gorak is a formidable opponent in combat and will never give up in his quest to rid the world of Wood Elves. He has already slain many Wood Elf Highborns and Spellweavers, who are too numerous to name here. He also loathes undead warriors, though he has allied with them to first defeat his primary enemy, the Wood Elves. As soon as his quarrels with the Wood Elves have been settled, he will turn on the Tomb Kings as surely as the sky is blue.

One of Gorak’s most famous quotes is “RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHH!!!!!”

Gorak the Bloody

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